Founded in 1972, Yangzhong City Rubber Plastic Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of O-rings, Rubber Seals, Gaskets and a wide range of rubber and plastic parts.

Having headquarter and plant occupying more than 10,000 square meter, located at Yangzhong City, Jiangsu Province, China, we are well equipped with advanced production and testing facilities.  Coupled with more than 200 dedicated employees, it allows us to give our customers the very best quality, price, and lead-time available in the industry.

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Established in 1972, YangZhong City Rubber Plastic Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer in the rubber and plastic industry. Our leading R&D team is continually innovating and developing our products to greater quality. Our team can assure you that your requirements are well taken care of professionally.
Our company believes that the quality of our Yoda Rubber products is of paramount importance. To maintain our high standards we have upgraded our quality assurance process to provide greater control and transparency over our Yoda Rubber products. We have also acquired various ISO quality certification and International CTI certification to go beyond industry standard.
We have a dedicated fast-response team to understand your concerns and translate these to cost-effective solutions. We guarantee our Yoda Rubber products, deliver our promises on time, and are confident you will find us friendly and personable.
We warrant our products and welcome review from our customers. We offer our technical assistance and customer care solutions even after sales. Our customers’ feedback is necessary and important for us to improve our products and services.
Gasket and O-rings are well manufactured to CTI and ISO specification. Tolerance and mechanical properties are well within process condition indicated in the datasheets. Highly accurate and good quality products from manufacturer
Vikram, wholesaler,South africa
Through five years of cooperation, we know Yangzhong City Rubber Plastic Co., Ltd have more deep understanding,the production process conducted a series of quality control. They have good logistics solutions and let us in front of customers won more honor.
Kelly, Wholeseller,Singapore
I’ve been using Yodarubber.for over three years. When I give them a project, I don’t have to worry about it – I know it will be done right .Since their designs work, they can go right into production. I don’t need to double check them during the design process which frees up my time to worry about something else.
Allen, Distributor, UK
Yodarubber has also been invaluable in the planning and development phase. We build a lot of molds in China, so we have importing issues and regulations. Yodarubber.found out about production standards to ensure their designs met the standards and there were no surprises during production or distribution
Ms Kim, Wholeseller,Korea
We are Korean professional shipyard, running shipbuilding and ship repair business.It is very happy to coopertate with Yoda ,the provide us high quality rubber gaskets ,orings and wonderful service.
Marius, Importer, Korea
I purchase Viton FKM Rubber Comounds from Yodarubber. It is very fast shipping,good and accurate product,got them fast and as usual very good condition,all work great.We will certainly buy again in the near future .I wish you the business is thriving!
Matt, Distributor, USA
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