HNBR Rubber Sheet

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Project Description

Hydrogenated Nitrile is also known as saturated Nitrile, is obtained by introducing Hydrogen into the Nitrile to saturate the hydrocarbon chains in the rubber. It has better wear and extrusion resistance than NBR and has good chemical compatibility.

Used for all oil resistant applications, such as oil well, oil equipment, automotive fuel handling systems and other chemical field.

Available Size for HNBR Rubber Sheets

Customized requirement will be satisfied.

Durometer Hardness Shore A ± 5Thickness (mm)Width (mm)Tensile (PSI/Mpa)Elongation (%)Temperature RangeDensity (g/cm3)
Yoda 00110001Customized
Yoda 0022
Yoda 0033
Yoda 0044
Yoda 0055
Yoda 0066
Yoda 0077
Yoda 0088
Yoda 0099
Yoda 010≥ 10
Yoda 011 1000-12001.5
Yoda 0122
Yoda 0133
Yoda 0144
Yoda 0155
Yoda 0166
Yoda 0177
Yoda 0188
Yoda 0199
Yoda 020≥ 10
Yoda 0211200-15001.5
Yoda 0222
Yoda 0233
Yoda 0244
Yoda 0255
Yoda 0266
Yoda 0277
Yoda 0288
Yoda 0299
Yoda 030≥ 10

Packing Details

Woven bag or according to customers’ requirements

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