On 25Oct, 2017, YodaRubber celebrated its being listed at Jiangsu Equity Exchange Center. This is the first time that YodaRubber marches into capital market and become a quasi-open corporation.

Jiangsu Equity Exchange Center is a regional equity exchange authorized by the central government. It is dedicated to servicing those small and medium-sized enterprises with rapid development, good quality, high innovation, and long-term growing prospects.

During the past few decades, YodaRubber has witnessed a robust growth in its sales, profit, internal management and technical innovation. The annual turnover has increased by 840% from 2007 to 2017. During the same period, the company has developed more than ten patents in its rubber technology (mainly rubber compound products) and a number of know-how. Meanwhile, YodaRubber has maintained an extremely healthy financial status. These elements underlie YodaRubber’s success in being admitted into capital market.

YodaRubber would particularly thank our clients and customers for their trust and support. Gratitude is also owed to our lovely colleagues, who are constantly dedicated to entertaining our customers’ needs and contributing to our good reputation in the rubber and plastic industry.

YodaRubber see this exiting momentum as a new starting point. We will devote ourselves to better performance of business, better response to our customers’ needs, and better connection with our local community.

The public listing in Jiangsu Equity Exchange Center is supported and underwritten by Nanjing Security Corporation (NSC).

YodaRubber Marches into Capital Market