Recently, a Chinese NGO titled: Brand Ranking Web ( launched a on line vote campaign among consumers. The vote is to select the most welcomed brand in various industries by consumers.

YodaRubber was ranked top three of the most-welcomed brands in the sector of Fluoro Rubber (FKM) Products. Until 22.43 pm 12 May 2018, 2958 people vote for YodaRubber.

In addition to vote for their favorite brands, Consumers could also deliver their views about each brand through web access. Comments about Yoda are quite positive, with no negative views. Several of the comments are listed as below:

  • Material applied by Yoda is high grade
  • Yoda’s quality is excellent and stable
  • Yoda delivers more than he promised and more than we expect
  • Yoda’s Fluoro Rubber (FKM) Products has high performance of high-temperature resistance
  • Whoever uses Yoda’s products will know its excellence
  • A credible band worthy of long term cooperation
  • ……

YodaRubber didn’t sponsor or take part in the online vote. We were previously entirely ignorant about the event until 10 May when one of our clients sent his congratulation via telephone.

The event is a great compliment and encouragement for us. We particularly thank our customers for their trust and support during the past decades. We would also like to express out gratitude to our team, who have bee constantly dedicated to entertaining our customers’ needs, and have contributed significantly to our good stature in the industry. We will gather momentum from this event and attain bigger achievements.

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