During February to March of 2018, the company invested RMB 3 million to upgrade the machinery. Specifically, four new 300T automatic vacuum rubber vulcanizers and four new 250T PTFE automatic presses were added.

Main feature of automatic vacuum rubber vulcanizer:

  1. Adopt dual power individual circuit design, stable, quiet, low failure rate, two axes can be operated simultaneously, saving 50%.
  2. Front mold is suitable for variety 2-layers or multi-layers molds, it is a kind of new multi-function machine.
  3. Lift and clamping mold speed can be adjustable, accuracy and reliability.
  4. Out-In mold positioning accuracy, positioning 100% security, to ensure that mold does not damage.
  5. Vacuum chamber can reach 650-700mmHg within 5 seconds.
  6. Has a fast, slow correction mode selection function, so that the mold can be corrected more accurate, more secure.

Main feature of PTFE automatic presses:

  1. Automatic Pre-forming of PTFE Near Net Shapes
  2. PTFE Automatic Compression Molding:
  3. Material Blanks & Dimensionally Finished as “Molded” Parts
  4. Multi-Cavity Tools for increased molding efficiency
  5. Extra Clean PTFE Molding for special applications
  6. Modified PTFE Fusing Fabrication

Owing to the upgrading job, the overall performance of the factory has been improved due to the increased efficiency, the reduced material consumption and the enhanced quality. In particular, the surface finish has been improved, and flash problems have been effectively solved.

invested RMB 3 million to upgrade the machinery