Construction industry demands high quality products that ensure longevity of structures whilst also maintaining the health and safety of employees and minimizing impact on the environment.

These projects can occur in some of the harshest and remote locations in the world. Materials will be exposed to a range of severe and varied conditions including extreme weather, road oils and greases or seawater, to name a few.

These varied conditions combined with heavy loads and long design life requirements, demands only the highest quality products can be used. Compliance with building specifications and relevant industry standards and regulations is also a critical factor in all construction projects.

It is crucial to the construction industry that these conditions are all met to ensure projects run efficiently and safely.

Our range of high quality, hard wearing and long lasting rubber and sponge products provide a range of solutions for Wear protection, Bearing, Insulating, Isolating and Sealing applications to ensure the productivity of your equipment, longevity of structures and health and safety of employees.